Making the Move

It is not uncommon for older adults to be apprehensive about moving into an assisted living facility. They might be afraid they're giving up the things they love, what they like to do, and what they're used to. Assisted living provides so much more than people realize.

Below you will find the positives that assisted living offers compared to living alone:

Living At
Home Alone

Dream Catcher
Assisted Living

Dining Eating alone; tasteless premade meals Table service; eating with your friends; freshly prepared meals
Exercise No access to age appropriate exercise programs Fitness programs designed to help optimize mobility & strength
Social Life Isolated from friends; not able to participate in fun activities Company of other residents; social and entertainment opportunities
Transportation Have to rely on others for rides to appointments, etc. Scheduled car & bus services; available for appointments, errands, and outings
Emergency Assistance No guarantee that help will be available when an emergency situation occurs Staff on hand 24 hours a day; emergency response system
Independence High dependence on family & friends for help with everyday tasks; feeling like a burden Support from staff for independent living

While moving to an assisted living facility can be a big change for the resident and their family, the positives far outweigh other options or waiting to make a choice. Once you make the decision to move to Dream Catcher, we will provide you with the level of care that will bring peace of mind to you and your family.

Learn more about the great services and amenities we provide residents. Call us today and make an appointment to discuss the care you need.